Computer Graphics (CG) & 3D Animation Services

The future realm of video and film has already begun with the visionary world of CG and 3 dimensional-3D animation! Through this new technological marvel, storyboard conceptualizations are brought to life with personified CG animation and 3D digital effects, breathing life-like characterization into inanimate objects and making the impossible… possible!

JMG Digital Studios aims to be in the forefront of this revolutionary new dimension in film and video and is investing capital into research and development for the advancement of this 21st century media application tool. With the advent of digital CG and 3D animation, video production and development costs are reduced when compared to achieving the same level of artistry and sophistication using standard conventional means of realizing film production.

Our CG animations are used for film and video productions, as well as digital advertising platforms and specialized multimedia applications. Whether it’s a high-profile advertising campaign or design and production of an award winning CG animation film, JMG Digital Studios can assist to crystallize your unique visionary project.

With a high caliber professional design team, JMG Digital Studios can breathe life into your seminal project and achieve breathtaking results without sacrificing attention to detail, yet keeping a mindful eye on costs and budgets.

To view some of our unique and revolutionary conceptualizations, please peruse through our project sampling with more developments to unfold!

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