Digital Media Services

JMG Digital Studios offers a full complement of digital media services including website design, digital media advertising copy, and computer generated CG and 3 dimensional – 3D animation for film and video conceptualizations.

Our digital media services are diverse and complementary to your digital media needs. Our suite of services and products include:

Print Digital Media Solutions with:

  • Business card design and computer generated (CG) graphics;
  • Logo and stylization CG design;
  • Digital media posters with graphics and logo;
  • Still banner CG designs;
  • Advertising consulting and copy editing;

Advanced Digital Media Solutions with:

  • Custom graphics and illustration;
  • Advanced flash programming;
  • Custom message boards, blogosphere, guestbook and e-blasts;
  • SEO search engine optimization;
  • Custom web based forms and web data processing;

Video Digital Media Solutions with:

  • 3 dimensional-3D graphics and film animation;
  • Animated banner designs;
  • Computer generated CG video composite;
  • Advertising CG and 3D video productions;

To access any of our high-impact digital media services or to obtain a complementary estimate and quotation for your custom project, Contact Us at or call us at:


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